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Guide to Buy an Effective Safety Lanyard

When working at height, it is essential to have fall arrest systems in place to minimize cases of dangers. One of the most critical tools in the fall arrest system is the lanyard; which connects the worker to the anchor point. With the life of your employee depending on the lanyard, you have to be choosy when making a purchase. In this article, there are some factors that you have to bear in mind when buying a safety lanyard.

The price factor matter. You need to understand that the price of a safety lanyard is majorly dependent on its quality and design. On the other hand, you should know that it is unwise to save on some coins while exposing your workers to danger. It is therefore beneficial to go for the most effective and affordable safety lanyard. You can opt for fixed restraint lanyards for their low prices and their effectiveness.

Ensure that the lanyard has a shock absorber. Shock absorbers are useful are in lessening the falling distance while ensuring the user remains safe. Since it is unwise to impose heaviness on the user, you should choose a lanyard that has n aluminum cam which acts as an energy absorber. Moreover, the shock absorber should be covered by a tubular polyester sleeve.

It is essential to choose a high-abrasion safety lanyard. Such lanyards give you the durability guarantee that protects it from wears and tears. Some lanyards have woven internal strap that allows for manageable tears that decelerate the falling of the user and in turn, minimizes the cases of injuries.

It is beneficial to be conversant with the hierarchy of protective measures. It is vital to have an idea of the work that you need to be done, and the working surrounding, as they are critical points in determining the most relevant protective measures. For example, the risk of falling blocks will guide you to the most appropriate type of safety lanyards. The working environment will also guide you on the most relevant length of the lanyard.

You should ensure that the supplier is willing to train your employees on the proper way of using the lanyard. Such training ensure that they can make safe adjustments, avoid fall, and if they occur, they can stop them. It is beneficial if the lanyard requires uncomplicated techniques in its use.

It is essential to buy a lanyard that has a manual. Using lanyards to prevent falls often pose physical damages on them that may not be easily recognized. The age and frequency of use are significant determinants of the effectiveness of safety lanyard. By having a manual, you can know how to use and store the lanyard and therefore ensure that it serves you for a long while.

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